Launched in 2014, Custom Upholstery Elements is a family owned and managed business operated by Chastidy Campbell and Jason Avila.

With more than 20 years experience in the commercial furniture industry, Chastidy is skilled in management, sales, operations, and design. She’s spearheaded projects with noteworthy manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Knoll Studio, and Kimball. We like to think of Chas as our in-house creative- along with concepting out-of-the-box ideas, she’s responsible for finding imaginative solutions for the wide range of projects customers bring to CUE.

With more than 10 years management experience in organizational leadership, Jason’s a dynamic leader who prides himself on his ability to quickly assess and resolve needs and difficulties. He has built a strong team at CUE, fostering independence while maintaining a cohesive team environment. Energetic and motivated, Jason has developed and implanted strategic objectives to ensure achievement of goals and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Today, Jason, Chastidy, and their close-knit team operate from a 3,600 sq. ft. workspace in Buena Park, California.